Google Reader is Going Away

I’m looking for a replacement of Google Reader because it’s being shut down July 1, 2013. People don’t seem to be interested in the petition.

So far, I haven’t found a useful replacement.

Feedly has no bearable support for tagging (the tag editor is a joke, tags can’t be sorted with drag&drop, adding new tags is a pain, you have only a single tag per article and no tagging via the keyboard).

But the worst bug is that Feedly will randomly refresh the page. This means: You are reading an article and in the middle of it, Feedly will throw it away and replace it with some random, new article. To add insult to injury, there is no easy way to get the lost article back since it will now be in the “has been read” state. Even when you read articles in the headlines-only mode, you can lose an interesting article because Feedly sometimes refreshes the list before you can open it.

From the horde of online readers, Feedly was one of the best. The Old Reader? Great … if you don’t need tagging. I have five years worth of tags.

NewsBlur is … I don’t know. After half an hour, I still haven’t figured out how to add feeds, how to navigate them, let alone how to read articles.

Bloglovin. I need a RSS reader, not a fashion statement.


2 Responses to Google Reader is Going Away

  1. lallafa says:

    I like Feedly. In fact i regret not switching earlier. It is much faster and much more readable (no ads, no comments in Slashdot …).

    But I don’t use tags that is no issue.

    The only thing i’m missing is the ‘N’ shortcut (next) in full article view.

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