Create a Better World, One Game at a Time

Can you make the world better by playing games?

Sure: Fold enzymes on Scientists tried for 15 years to fold a H.I.V related enzyme, solved it in 15 days.

You know better than the government? Look at social impact bonds.

Want to improve ethical behavior of large corporations? Donate to a convent.

Under the condition that they use it to buy enough shares to submit resolutions at shareholder meetings. And if that doesn’t work, the church has centuries of experience with public shaming. As Sister Nora Nash of the Sisters of St. Francis put it: “We’re not here to put corporations down. We’re here to improve their sense of responsibility.


4 Responses to Create a Better World, One Game at a Time

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I saw a TED video on this, it is an awesome way to solve problems by converting problems into games.

  2. digulla says:

    Most TED videos can now be found on YouTube, too. They are missing the transcript but at least you can add them to a playlist of your choice.

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