Land Mines

3. January, 2012

This video reminded me of a story that I read a while ago:

In a chatroom for children, one of the kids couldn’t play because it was sick. The day before, it had stepped on a land mine behind his house. The other kids were mad. Using the Internet, they found out that between 70 and 110 million land mines were installed worldwide. That upset them even more. After a few hours, millions of children all over the world were involved.

Using the credit cards of their hard-working parents, they bought several companies which sell land mines and fired the management. The new management was instructed to switch to toys. The old management was given a list of job openings from organizations that work on demining.

Nice story.

In the real world, I just sent $100 to Mr. Aki Ra. Yeah, there are lots of other places with mines, too. We’ll get to all of them. But there is no point in doing nothing just because we can’t decide where to help, first.

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