Jazoon Again

It’s that time of year again: Jazoon is around the corner. If you’re there, you can meet me. Yes, I really look like the picture in the header.

I’m a bit worried about the amount of Microsoft tracks (or rather the fact that M$ is involved at all). Does that mean you can’t get enough Java developers for a pure Java conference anymore? Well, stackoverflow might have an influence on that. Or does it mean M$ can’t find enough people to suff…enjoy their great products?

Ah well. As a veteran of the AmigaAtari-PC wars during the late 1980’s, I’m shouldn’t have to worry.

“Le t’atari – the cheese among the computers”

“How does an Amiga user shave? By turning on the screen saver”

“How do you get more than two colors on a PC screen? Put an Amiga 2000 into the case”

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