#protolol jokes.

They are better if you dig Internet. Some of my favorites:

  • @toastido: The best thing about UDP jokes is that I don’t care if you get them or not. #protolol
  • ? The worst thing about Perl jokes is that next morning you can.t understand why they seemed so funny.
  • @mikepuchol Who wants serial killers when you can have much faster parallel killers? With Centronics ports! #protolol
  • @yoshicool PPP jokes are always between two people #protolol
  • @ADoug OSI model jokes work on so many levels. #protolol
  • @peter_tonoli “Chuck Norris has only one OSI level – Physical”
  • @RichGibson: bittorrent jokes are only funny if you get the whole thing.

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