Funny comic against racism

Imagine there was a place where animals were sentient. Cats, dogs, mice, pigs, lions, deer, sharks, mantis, bears, you name it. Imagine a family: Father is a rabbit, mother a wolf. They have three children: A hedgehog (adopted), a wolf (from a former marriage of the mother) and now a bunny.

Did I mention that predators eat their usual prey? As in “wolf eats hares.” And now, we even have a human toddler. Girlfriends with extremely good hearing. A cat that sells cars which run from static electricity produced as the driver rubs his/her fur against the seat. A wolf that acts as Easter Bunny. A carnivorous bunny. Safety rules when hugging hedgehogs. A company called “Herd Thinners” that does just that: Bring down prey for the impaired or lazy predators that hunt in a supermarket. There is yearly migration, a sentient tree, swapped princesses, hibernation. Mixed classes mean: Insects, birds, mammals – everything but fish. At least as long as you stay out of the sea. Natural job for a shark? Lawyer.

At least, if your wife doesn’t like the flowers, the husband can eat them.

And best of all: The comic is even better than my description. Say hello to Kevin & Kell. Start here.

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