Spring Roo again

3. November, 2010

A while ago, I tried Spring Roo — without much success. One of the main obstacles was the fact that most of the dependencies come from a special, internal repository and not from Maven Central. Which is odd. It’s OSS after all, so why do I need a special repository? Is it too much work for the Roo people to push their changes to Maven Central?

Whatever. A few days ago, Spring Roo 1.1 was released. I downloaded it and followed the tutorial.

Everything worked fine (good work, guys!) until I tried to run the tests.  Again, I had to fight with Nexus to fix all the missing dependencies. Seems like the problem with the dependencies is still there. Bug #ROO-1111 just improved the situation by listing the necessary repositories so you don’t have to figure them out yourself. But if you’re behind a corporate Maven proxy, you’re still doomed.

Okay. All dependencies are there and … 9 generated tests work. What worries me are two things:

  1. Compiling a project with a single class and field takes two minutes.
  2. This simple project needs 976KB sources.

I know this is all generated code but in the end, I will still have to wade through all this to get to the place where I have to make my changes. I prefer frameworks which take the ten lines from the tutorial and put them into a script where I can run them again and again. Generated code is not an issue as long as I don’t see it. Take Grails: It will add everything that you omit in the background. It’s still too slow for my liking but at least the source isn’t bloated with stuff that I don’t care about just yet.

Conclusion: Not quite there, yet.

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