Strange text entry behavior in KDE 4.5

As I write the last blog entry, I noticed that the cursor was somehow … glued to the last character. In the web browser, the last character would be underlined and in the shell, it would be displayed in reverse. When typing a symbol like comma or tick, I would get an umlaut like ç or é.

The culprit is called SCIM – “Smart Chinese/Common Input Method”. If you look at the running tasks, you should see a small window in the lower right corner of your screen:

SCIM main window

SCIM can get in your way

Click on the icon to quit this beast.

As I found out while writing this blog post, SCIM is pretty dangerous. If you start it in the foreground and then press Ctrl+Z to put it in the  background, all programs which take text input freeze. Stopping SCIM in the middle of a session can also leave Google Chrome dead. Great.

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