ePen 0.7 Status Update

I’ve pushed the code for ePen into a new set of Mercurial repositories: signal (a signal/event handling library, new BSD license), JaSpell (fork of the project jaspell.sourceforge.net; mainly a port to Java 5 and Maven 2, BSD-License) and ePen (the main editor, Eclipse Public License 1.0 since I had to copy code from the Eclipse code base).

The editor is pretty usable and I hope to wrap up 0.8 next week which should fix the following issues:

  1. Create new projects and open existing ones. The main problem here is that an ePen project is a directory and SWT doesn’t offer very good dialogs to select directories. Right now, the editor will create a demo project when you start it the first time.
  2. The translation mode is too slow
  3. Editing is sluggish.
  4. HTML export should support filtering by state (to allow to export only “final” scenes).
  5. Setting up the development environment is too complex. Especially the part where you need to copy the Eclipse plugins into the Maven repository. 0.8 will come as one huge JAR which you can start with a double click.

After that, I plan to resume work on my story “Haul” and post the first scenes in my old, desolate Philmann Dark site.

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