Google Translate Just Got Better

16. October, 2009

You remember the old Google Translate? You know, the one which was really good for a moment of fun when you were bored: Just give it some text and laugh at the result. You could try to translate some text back and forth several times.

Well, it just got better. A lot better. Here is an example:

Der Hobby-Baumarkt war wie leer gefegt. Einkaufswagen an den Kassen, wild durcheinander, die Panik deutlich spürbar, in der Zeit eingefroren. Einkäufe, nur gesammelt oder schon bezahlt, lagen verstreut auf dem Boden. Werbebildschirme an der Decke blinkten rot, forderten alle Besucher zum sofortigen Verlassen des Gebäudes auf. Der modern geschwungene Informationsstand war verlassen, die Kassen eingeschaltet aber geschlossen. Hier war niemand mehr.

When I run this through GT, I now get something that is very readable, almost correct:

The Hobby-DIY was as completely empty. Shopping Cart at the tills, in wild confusion, the panic palpable, frozen in time. Purchases, only collected or already paid, lay scattered on the floor. Advertising screens on the ceiling flashed red, urged all attendees to immediately leave the building. The modern, curved level of information was left switched on but the cash is closed. There was no one.

20K on SO

16. October, 2009

Finally, 20’001 points on SO 🙂

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