Taking Security Seriously

Security of todays operating systems is slowly getting better, meaning that it becomes more and more hard for some fraud to get your credit card number by asking your computer. Asking the person in front of the computer still works. But I digress.

On the DailyWTF is a report how the military handled the problem.

While the idea to actually carry vulnerable parts of the computer away when someone not trustworthy comes close, the solution is really what the military is all about: Make it work, no matter what might go wrong. And be creative about what could go wrong but take the most simple solution (which is the main difference to geeks: we almost never pick the most simple solution).

Which also explains why they clipped parts away from the printouts: Just blackening them might be undone (just holding the paper against the light might be enough) but data, that isn’t there, can’t be abused.

A pity that this simple idea is shunned today. Instead of collecting as little data as possible for a job, as much data as possible is hoarded.

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