env.js is Back

11. May, 2009

After quite some time of inactivity, env.js is back. There is a Google group and a git repository.

In case you’re wondering what env.js is: It emulates a web browser in pure JavaScript. What on earth could that be good for? This allows you to run your web application in a unit test. You can write your JavaScript, load env.js, your own code and then run it. You’ll have access to document, events, the DOM, everything. No browser bugs, yet, but that will probably come, too. With this gem, you can finally run your web app in a single process, with every bit of information readily available to your IDE’s debugger. No more messing with a remote or local web server, deploying your application and hoping that Tomcat could reload all classes, no more external browser process and guessing what might cause the odd behavior.

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