Can You Operate a Light Switch?

1. April, 2009

I greatly enjoy my daily WTF. This time, it was The Executive Summit. Great stuff but it got me thinking. Can you operate a light switch? How much longer?

It’s fun to read how high-paid executives of a company can’t turn on the lights or make a phone ring. Technology is advancing and not everyone expects the light switch to have a dimmer or a way to turn the phone off (and if you’re a bit like me, you’d love such a switch). There is a high demand for such functions, no doubt, but they come at a price.

As humans with human brains, we expect the same things to stay the same things. A house doesn’t suddenly turn unto a whale (well, rockets sometimes do … but not houses!). When a light switch doesn’t switch the light, it must be broken, or so our brain tells us because a light switch is a light switch is a light switch.

Beware when you “add functionality” to something which people are used to because they aren’t used to it.

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