Found My Friends From The Talon Company

Disclaimer: This is a cynical virtual diary of my journey through Fallout 3. If you don’t like strong language or cynicism, this is not for you.

While wandering the landscape, I ran into this fort. Fort Bannister. Guess who lives here? The friendly guys of Talon Company! You know, the guys who supply me with ammo, guns and armor in the field? Whenever I need it, three of them would show up and, after a friendly round of sparring, they’d hand over their goods to me. XP for free, too!

What can I say? As I saw their crest, I had to drop in and say hello! Until I reached the poorly hidden access grate, like seven guards had forced their stuff onto me. I could barely walk under the weight!

Down in the guts, the boss, a Commander Jacobs or Jabsco or something, couldn’t really hear him over the firing of my brand new laser rifle, stood target himself so I could improve my skills in energy weapons! Whow! That’s customer service, eh? And every time I as about to run out of anything, another of his chaps would shop up and leave me stuffed!

Guys, I’ll miss you.

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