UPCScan 0.7: Where is my stuff?

16. November, 2008

UPCScan 0.7 is released. New features:

  • UPCScan can now find music CDs
  • If UPCScan can’t find something on Amazon, it will still create an entry which you can then edit to fill in the details.
  • Entries can be deleted.
  • I’ve added lending information so you can quickly figure out who your new “ex-friends” should be.
  • I’m working on a series/issue information system to make it more simple to complete your collection. With this version, you’ll need to edit the database directly to add series/issue information but the user interface can already display this data.
  • I’m working on a feature to create an OpenOffice document with the locations. This would allow you to print this out and then scan the locations in as you scan your collection to tell UPCScan under which location to file the items. If you can’t wait, then you can use the barcode.py script to generate PNG images with barcodes which you can import in OpenOffice to achieve the same effect.

Download: upcscan-0.7.tar.gz (26,921 Bytes, MD5)

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