Text Editor Component and JADS

While working on DecentXML (1.2 due this weekend), I’ve had those other two things that were bugging me. One is that there is no high-quality, open-source framework with algorithms and data structures. I’m not talking about java.lang.Collections, I’m talking about red-black trees, interval trees, gap buffers, things like that. Powerful data structures you need to build complex software.

Welcome the “Java Algorithm and Data Structure” project – jads. I haven’t started opened a project page on SourceForge or Google Code, yet, but I’ll probably do that this weekend.

Based on that, I’m working on a versatile text editor component for Java software. The final editor will work with user interfaces implemented in Swing, SWT and Qt. It’s an extensible framework where you can easily replace parts with your own code to get the special features you need. I currently have a demo running which can display text, which allows scrolling and where you can do some basic editing. Nothing fancy but it’s coming alone nicely.

If you want to hear more about these projects, post a comment or drop me a mail.

One Response to Text Editor Component and JADS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take a look at the implementation of glazedlists… http://publicobject.com/glazedlists/ There are some nicely implemented data structures within. (e.g. Barcode)

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