P2: A Lot of Pain, No Gain

19. May, 2008

If you’re an Eclipse user, you probably heard of p2. There seems to be two groups of people: Those who adore it and those who hate it. I’m in the latter group. Here are my reasons:

  1. Where do I get the installer? There is no explanation on the Getting Started page. Try this link.
  2. The 3.4M7 release doesn’t even start on Windows because it’s broken.
  3. The installer fails if the directory to install to doesn’t exist, yet. Hey, it will be fixed after the 3.4 release!
  4. When I tried a shared install, it crashed. That’s supposed to be fixed but I didn’t dare to try again.
  5. Not enough? Well, if any of the downloads times out, you have to delete the install directory and download everything again (Bug 231826).

So I’ve downloaded four (4) versions of P2, tried them and all of them failed before I could even start Eclipse.

Banana-ware: Harvested before ripe, delivered green and ripes on the customer’s computer.

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