Telepods of Doom 2

On Telepods of Doom, Mike P. argues:

We can only assume that a machine can reconstruct experience, consciousness and the human soul.

First of all, the machine maybe doesn’t have to reconstruct the soul of the being transported. Our everyday experience shows that the soul moves along with the body. There doesn’t seem to be a limitation on how fast the body can move (at least not up to the speed we can achieve) without losing contact to its soul. In fact, looking at the problem from a quantum physics view, there is no reason to believe that the soul has to care about the actual location of the body. This means that if the wave form which represents our body is teleported across the universe, the soul might just stick to it.

Of course, I might be wrong and the soul might loose contact the moment the body is teleported. On the positive side, this would be a final proof that a soul exists (or at least something beyond the sub-atomic level). On the negative side, this would open a whole new world of tools to people who are not prepared for such power.

When someone manages to prove the existence of the soul, people will start to work on way to measure it. To access it. To modify it. Area Denial Systems already offer convenient new ways of torturing anyone you happen to dislike without leaving traces. For the victims, this makes it impossible to prove the act in court, making their situation twice as bad.

Imagine machines which can access the soul.

Luckily, nature has laws which will make sure we become extinct unless we are able to handle the powers which we seize.

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