What’s Wrong With Java Part 2b

To give an idea why I needed 5KLoC for such a simple model, here is a detailed analysis of Keyword.java:

LoC Used by
43 Getters and setter
40 XML Import/Export
27 Model
27 equals()/hashCode()
21 Hibernate mapping with annotations
14 Imports
2 Logging
174 Total

As you can see, boiler plate code like getter/setters and equals() need 70LoC or 40% (48% if you add imports). Mapping the model to XML is more expensive than mapping it to a database. In the next installment, we’ll see that this can be reduced considerably.

Note: This is not a series of articles about flaws in Hibernate or the Java VM, this is about the Java language (ie. what you type into your IDE and then compile with javac).

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