I’m Human

13. February, 2012

This movie moved me: I’m Human – Liberty Broadcasting Squad

It’s just 10 minutes and well worth it.

Learning Resources

12. February, 2012

Always wanted to brush up your knowledge of quantum physics? Geometry? Linear algebra?

There are two cool resources for you:

If you’re more interested in computer science (theory, operating systems, networks, distributed computing), visit udacity.

For more general topics, go to Khan Academy.

Both are YouTube based services which kind of follow school: You get a video with a presentation about a topic. Both sites then offer additional material, Q&A forums, etc.

TreeSheets – When an Outliner is not Enough

2. February, 2012

If a mind mapper is wasting too much space and an outliner is too restricted, try TreeSheets.

In a nutshell, TreeSheets is a mix between outliner, mind mapper and spread sheet. The documents use a nested structure of cells (like a spreadsheet where you can create work sheets inside of cells). Using this nesting, you can easily create outlines with multiple columns.

Using different rendering styles, you can recreate something very similar to a mind map, too.

And it needs only a little memory.

Lazy Dog

1. February, 2012

It’s too damn hot…

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