Math Education is Like Ape Dressage

16. July, 2011

Matt Brenner says:

Today, math education is more like ape dressage: Students learn processes but they don’t understand them.

Why and what do about it? See his book.

Secure File Transfers with FTAPI

15. July, 2011

If you need to distribute files in your project, the problems are always the same:

  • How do I make sure a file is transferred at all?
  • Or just once?
  • That the whole file is transferred (and not only part of it)?
  • That no one can temper with the content while it is being transferred?
  • How can I get a received receipt?
  • How about encryption to prevent uninvited visitors from looking at the data?
  • Too big for mails?

Some people use FTP. FTP is a protocol designed for humans. It’s completely, utterly unsuitable for this task. If a software developer suggest this “solution”, it’s a red flag for incompetence.

SSH based protocols are better but they also don’t solve all the problems.

Enter FTAPI, the “rock solid data transfer” framework.

Taming Java GC

14. July, 2011

Taming the Java garbage collector (GC) is still one of the most mysterious areas of the Java VM. Aleksey Ragozin has published an excellent series of articles about the topic. Here are my favorites:

Smart Thoughts About Logging

13. July, 2011

Archanaa Panda wrote a good piece on logging and how to avoid some of the many pitfalls: High Performance And Smarter Logging

While the article is about log4j, most of it (except for the “if (log.isDebugEnabled)” part) still applies even if you’ve already moved to slf4j. I especially like that she enumerates all the various goals that you try to achieve with logging.



New Website for Maven Tools For Eclipse (MT4E)

13. July, 2011

My Maven Tools for Eclipse (MT4E) project has now a wiki page:

And I’ve started to convert the tools from Python to Groovy.



Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance

12. July, 2011

Jim Bird has written a great post about reasons to fix bugs and reasons to leave bugs alone: Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance

Restarting a Java App

9. July, 2011

Leo Lewis posted some code to restart a Java app.