16. November, 2015

The foundation of civilization is the ability of the community to withstand their own death wishes and murderous instincts — André Glucksmann (source; my own translation)

There are people who will tell you that it’s a dog-eat-dog world. That’s a white lie. The building in which you sit while you read this, is the result of cooperation of hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people. They dug the earth for ore and cement. They build trucks to transport them. They built factories to refine them and turn them into steel and tools. The process of smelting and forging steel has been developed by thousands of people over ten thousand years. Thousands of people all over the globe worked to build the device(s) which you use to read this.

Civilization is a result of cooperation by millions of people who have never met. Cooperation is the foundation on which we all stand. No bomb can change that – unless we allow ourselves to be manipulated by people that we despise.


11. November, 2015

It takes years and hundreds, sometimes thousands of people to build but only one person and a moment to destroy me. What am I?

Answer (link goes to Wikipedia)

On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git

16. October, 2015

On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git” is a web page which guides you when Git doesn’t do as you want to.

Thanks Seth

Apps That I Would Like to See

2. October, 2015

An app which outlines a friend in a crowd (restaurant, concert) plus giving directions if he’s too far away when we want to meet.

How Much do You Have to Hide?

16. September, 2015

When confronted with surveillance the usual reply is “nothing to hide.”

This answer is wrong. Let me tell you a story.

For over one hundred years, the city of Amsterdam had a census. They know your gender, relation ship status, number of children, parents, where you lived. All this information was used to make life better for everyone. And it worked. People were happy. The city government was efficient. It could base decisions on statistics and data instead of gut feelings. They were the first ones to use computers to efficiently store and handle the data.

May 10, 1940, the Nazis took the city. Suddenly, one bit of information – faith – decided over life and death. The Nazis took the data which had been collected and efficiently rounded up all the people they wanted to murder.

Surveillance is not about what you have to hide, it’s about how you can be hurt. It’s the question how much someone hiding in a faceless organization wants to ruin with your life.

Testing Fonts for Software Developers

11. September, 2015

Characters that you need to be able to distinguish clearly:

0O – Zero and upper case o
l1I – Lower case L, one, upper case i
Z2 – Upper case z and two
S5 – Upper case s and five
G6 – Upper case g and six
B8 – Upper case b and eight
71 – seven and one
lI – Lower case L, upper case i
vy – lower case v and lower case y

Just copy and paste into your favorite code editor.

Fonts you should try:

Commercial For Driverless Car

21. July, 2015

A man stumbles our of a bar with his friend. They are both very drunk. Laughing, they cross the street and approach a long row of cars parked on the curb. In the next scene, one of them is talking to two police officers.

«Had a lot?»

The man fumbles with his car keys. «Yup. Stay away from me, no alcohol on shift!»

The police officers laugh and watch the man crawl into his car which is parked on a long row of cars at the side of the street. The man starts to sing “Home sweet home, take me home.”

Further down the street, his friend tries to get into another car. The police officers look at each other.

«Had a lot?» they ask the second man.

«What? Oh, well, no … not … that … mush.»

The police officers arrest him. He struggles: «Leave me alone! What are you doing? Why arrest me and let my friend go?» While they put handcuffs on him, the first car moves silently out on the street.

Just as it vanished behind a truck, the police offers drag the struggling man along the front of the track.

For a long moment, the truck blocks the view.

The camera slowly moves along the truck until you can see along its front.

The light of the car on the street illuminate the legs of the men. The light is moving and so is the car.

The driver can be seen laughing and dancing in his car, apparently neither of his hands is on the wheel.

His car is slowly stopping. The police drag the man over the street. The car moves on, takes a turn.

Black screen with message: Driver-less cars makes drinking more fun for you and everyone.



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